Changing Attitudes To Change Habits

We believe you can change your future by changing your attitude.  Using an interactive approach, we address behavior; mental health; and acute, chronic, and complex trauma needs. 

Evidence-based treatment in the Forsyth County Jail

The CATCH program begins in the Forsyth County Jail with a study of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The program continues with Trauma Informed therapy, pastoral care counseling, an introduction to a mentor and participation in a peer group support.

Community Day Treatment

The CATCH program continues with the Post-release Community Day Treatment where women exiting the Forsyth County Jail continue their treatment, coaching and support.  For women exiting prison or another county jail and who are residents of Forsyth County, the CATCH program begins here with the same training, treatment and support as in the pre-release program.

Transitional Home
Well of Healing Transitional Home

For women in the CATCH program who have no place to go after release or for women who need a safe refuge after release, The Well of Healing Transitional Home provides a place for a woman to heal and to separate themselves from outside influences.  A women in the program can stay in the Home from 90 days to 2 years in order to provide healing and support, rebuild broken relationships and to help her transition back into the community.

Trauma Informed

The trauma associated with incarceration can be devastating to a woman, emotionally and psychologically.  Our primary focus is trauma healing.  We offer a 7-week evidenced-based Trauma Informed course & Psycho-trauma Therapy.

Mentoring Program

Our community volunteer mentors serve as a positive support to inmates, engaging and building positive relationships, making weekly and biweekly visits. The mentor relationship continues in and out of jail or prison. 

Pastoral Care Counseling

Being present and available to interact with the women incarcerated is key to their success in and out of jail and prison.  Pastoral Care counseling aides in building Spiritual growth which is an important part of the transition process.‚Äč

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen R. Covey

This seven week course teaches the importance of character and making right choices.

Peer Group Support

Women in our peer group support program are challenged and encouraged by other women who have overcome the mental and psychological forces tied to Trauma.

We also focus on building life skills, including financial literacy, employment training and permanent housing assistance.