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Providing Transitional Services, Community Resources, and More


What We Do

At THE WELLS CENTER, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we collaborate with local and state prisons to know and understand the women in prison from WS/FC. We make contact and interact with women in jail & prison.

We aim to be the expert on services and support provided by faith, government, and community agencies for women exiting jail/prison. We also strive to be the agency of the first choice for women offenders in Forsyth County exiting jail/prison and transitioning back into the community. We are dedicated to achieving these goals by providing transitional services to women exiting jail/prison into Forsyth County.

We provide a pre-release educational program to women while they are incarcerated. We provide mentors to the women while incarcerated. We provide resources upon release to help with clothing needs, transportation needs, housing and employment.


"CATCH" (Changing Attitudes To Change Habits)

"CATCH" is a post-release comprehensive researched based referral and re-entry program specifically for women offenders in Forsyth County who are victims of "TRAUMA"

There are 3-plans of healing: 90-days/6-months/12-months/24-months (greatest benefit)

For more information about "CATCH," contact us at [email protected] or (336)261-6893

*If you are interested in becoming a participant: Print, complete and submit application to P.O. Box 11313, Winston-Salem, NC 27116 or call us.

1st Quarter Class at the Forsyth County Detention Center


Board Retreat/Training

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Rev. Wells, instructs  7-Habits on the inside, an 8-week course, three times a year, per the detention center policy. The detention center also limits the class size to 15 women at a time; therefore, we have the opportunity to impact up to 45 women a y​ear.

 Upon completion of the 7-Habits course, the women are assigned a mentor. In addition, to the 7-Habits on the inside,  Rev. Wells facilitates a Trauma Healing Course, a 7-week course.

​About Our Mentoring Program

The Wells Center mentoring program is the backbone of the organization as our mentors provide direct care services to the women.

Our mentors are trained, vetted, positive support guides assisting the women to establish 60-90 day S.M.A.R.T. goals.

 Some of these goals look like (but are not limited to) restoring relationships, securing employment, finding appropriate safe housing, getting identification documents, and pursuing an education. Our mentors work toward building positive relationships with the women while they are incarcerated, in order to achieve positive outcomes upon re-entry.

In addition, mentoring is extended to the women in our program who are then sentenced to prison. We send letters, cards, make visits, and send money for personal hygiene; but, most importantly, we provide security and reassurance that our organization will assist in their transition once released.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a volunteer mentor, please complete this inquiry form.